Dun Yu / Simon

Simon Yu is a talented professional photographer and visual designer, who shooted a large percentage of photos used on this website.



Michael Leigeber

Michael Leigeber of Refina has been designing and coding websites for over 7 years using .NET, PHP, Java, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript. He has been fortunate to work on a wide range of projects from large intranets to fortune 500 e-commerce storefronts. His JavaScript Dropdown Menu Multi Levels has been used here.



Yen-Ting Tseng / Kappa 

Yen-Ting Tseng is a professional lighting designer and stage designer. She holds a MA degree from Wimbledon College of Art and a BA degree from Taipei University of the Arts.



SimpleViewer Inc.

The U.S. based web designer team SimpleViewer has created the wonderful flash album used in this site. More information about their works can be found at: